AEW star Mercedes Martinez: I had to hide that I am a lesbian

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AEW star Mercedes Martinez: I had to hide that I am a lesbian

In an interview with Busted Open Radio Friday, Mercedes Martinez spoke about the difficulties in her career and how she had certain problems showing her true face. "It took a really long time, to be honest,” Martinez said, as quoted by Wrestling Inc.

“It was hard for me at first, coming from where I was trained from and hiding who I truly was. It was always ‘Hey, I want to wrestle,’ but I couldn’t show myself in the light. In that era, it was the whole T&A aspect of wrestling, it was the Divas.

I was always told ‘You have to do that to actually make it in this business.’ I kept myself very reserved, very quiet, very shy and kept myself hidden. It’s that old adage of ‘Keep your ears open and your mouth shut.’ If you want to get far in this business, that’s what you have to do.

“That’s when I met Jazz. She came to my school with Jason Knight, and she was one of the first people that kind of said ‘You have to be who you are. You are a diamond in the rough. You are that person that’s going to trailblaze.

You are that person that’s going to make a difference. Don’t let anybody tell you any differently about who you want to be, because there’s a sense of people molding you. People are always going to try to mold you, but you really have to stick to your guns and your true mission.’ And that’s what I did”.

Mercedes Martinez opens up

Martinez also had trouble telling the world she was a lesbian. Still, over the years Mercedes has built an attitude and shown that she is a brave woman. “Being in this business, you couldn’t be openly out,” Mercedes Martinez said.

“I’m a lesbian, and I couldn’t be that person. I had to hide that part of me because the locker room was very taboo. The media was ‘No, you can’t do this.’ It came to the point in my career that I had to hide that because for me to advance, you can’t put that out there for fear of safety for me and my family, because that was not socially acceptable in all realms of life.

So it was a very humbling experience. But now being here, 41 years going on 42 years old, I know who I am. And ain’t nobody going to tell me any different”.