*Spoiler* Darby Allin defeated Bobby Fish

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*Spoiler* Darby Allin defeated Bobby Fish
*Spoiler* Darby Allin defeated Bobby Fish

Welcome to the report of the latest installment of Rampage before Forbidden Door, PPV in Chicago. Andrade El Idolo vs Rey Fenix. The first match of the evening sees Lucha Bros member Rey Fenix and Andrade El Idolo juxtapose. As expected, the meeting is adrenaline-pumping and full of acrobatic maneuvers.

Rey Fenix comes very close to victory, but Rush's interference is fatal and hits him with a low blow outside the ring. Bobby Fish attacked Darby Allin from behind while he was still making his entrance. The match spilled out to ringside, and Fish charged at Darby.

The latter sidestepped Fish, who crashed into the barricade. Allin then got back into the ring and hit his opponent with a tope suicida out to the floor. Fish hit back with a Dragon Screw out to ringside.

Darby Allin def. Bobby Fish

Back from the break, we saw Bobby Fish throw caution to the wind and wipe out Darby Allin at ringside.

He continued to stomp on Darby Allin's spine. Back in the ring, Fish hit an avalanche falcon arrow which he then transitioned into a heel hook. Allin reversed it into the Last Supper and pinned Fish. Andrade takes the opportunity to knock him out with his finisher and get the victory.

At the end of the match, he tears off poor Rey's mask but is forced to retreat from Penta Oscuro's entry onto the scene. Backstage an angry Eddie Kingston claims he will never be satisfied until he tastes Chris Jericho's blood.

He promises him that at Blood & Guts, scheduled for next week, it will be the end of him. The first time that he appeared on AEW at All Out, the two companies worked it out to foster a healthy relationship. Of course, it is working out in his favor since she gets to showcase his talents to a crowd outside NWA.

“Well, I was contacted by AEW first, and then they asked me about my dates. I can’t work in any other place because I’m signed with NWA. So, I went to the chain of command. They worked it out, and I honestly wasn’t expecting it, until I got a text message and then I kind of figure it out.

And then I got the phone call, and then they’re like, ‘you’re going to be at All Out. I don’t think in the history of the NWA another woman has gone to another company to fight another champion. So, it’s a precedent, and I’m all about that.

I’m all about making history, making a difference in the business, and I continue to do it either by luck or just see it happen”.

Darby Allin Bobby Fish Aew

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