Shocking turn heel in AEW

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Shocking turn heel in AEW

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has recently broadcast its latest ppv, Forbidden Door, in which we had several great matches, such as the contest that closed the show, which served to find a new interim champion of the company, or Jon Moxley, who will replace the injured CM Punk, who had to undergo surgery to fix the physical problem encountered as soon as he won the belt.

One of the matches that we probably should have seen in the PPV, but which, due to another injury, did not take place instead, involved the entry into the ring of Jungle Boy, the former tag team champion who had been betrayed by Christian Cage only a few weeks ago, with the Canadian who had decided to attack him from behind, leaving him stunned in the ring, after a slimy attack even with a steel chair.

This week, in the last episode of Dynamite, the new chapter of this saga was staged, with another protagonist of the AEW rings who left fans stunned by what he did.

Many emotions in AEW

During the weekly installment of the AEW flagship show, Christian Cage appeared in front of the show's cameras, as he was initially supposed to apologize to Jungle Boy for comments about his late father, the well-known American actor Luke Perry.

Instead of apologizing, Christian upped the ante, wishing all of Jungle Boy's family to die, except for his mother, with heel-style comments that sent fans waiting for Dynamite into a rage. What, however, the fans would never have expected, was the fact of seeing Luchasaurus enter at some point, with a much darker ring attire than usual and new entrance music, with the mastodon masked athlete, who immediately revealed a completely new attitude in the AEW rings, making it clear that he followed Christian Cage's advice, moving to the "dark side" of the AEW heels.

To take them this time, was the wrestler Serpentico, who first quickly lost the match against Luchasaurus and then was also attacked with a devastating Chokeslam by the athlete, on the floor of the ring. As far as Cesaro is concerned, the star parted ways with WWE after his contract ended in February 2022.

On Sunday's AEW x NJPW: Forbidden Door, he returned as Bryan Danielson's hand-picked replacement for his match against Zack Sabre Jr. However, he's using his real name, Claudio Castagnoli, in AEW.