Miro explains the reasons for his frustration

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Miro explains the reasons for his frustration
Miro explains the reasons for his frustration

Miro became TNT champion by defeating Darby Allin and holding the belt for 140 days, making a reign that was approved enough even by fans, before losing to the hated Sammy Guevara in September 2021. Since that time the belt has made several turns among the wrestlers, also losing some interest and prestige.

Miro is furious

Miro, on the other hand, took a much more personal shot at his fiance, WWE RAW women's superstar Charlotte Flair, over receiving undeserved title shots: "This guy must think getting undeserved title shots runs in the family," Miro tweeted.

Speaking with WhatCulture the Bulgarian wrestler did not hold back, on the contrary, he gave his honest opinion on the current management of this title starting from when he personally took it and disappeared for a while: "Well, it's the man who it creates the title, not the title that creates the man.

I think everything I did with that [TNT Championship] title was the fruit of my work. The title did not come with all this heaviness. I mean, it came from Darby [Allin] who's a big competitor but, you know, he was, we're such different people, such a different style, and then everyone who came after, tried to get it, but it's not possible." Miro then went on to say, "So, I don't even take the blame for that, but I take the blame - I take the blame for being perhaps too much of a champion too good because since I lost that title...

and we can't help but blame Sammy Guevara for it, so he has to bear the cross for it." We remind you that Miro has recently signed a new four-year contract extension with Tony Khan's company. This will keep him on the AEW roster until early 2026.

The wrestler himself confirmed it on The Kurt Angle Show and then told Fightful: “They wanted me to sign a long-term deal for a reason and I signed a long-term deal for a reason," he joked. "It's a place where I can be creatively free and now the ball is in my court." When you take into account that Miro's wife, CJ Perry (Lana), is no longer part of WWE, you have to imagine that the TNT Champion has no fear now when it comes to taking shots as his former employer as they no longer have anyone there to punish with their booking. The last thing Vince McMahon would want at this point would be to lose Flair from his women's division.

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