Wardlow Speaks About Cash Wheeler’s Advice


Wardlow Speaks About Cash Wheeler’s Advice
Wardlow Speaks About Cash Wheeler’s Advice

Wardlow has quickly become one of the top superstars in AEW right now, and he recently spoke about the advice that Cash Wheeler gave to him before his TNT Title match. Wardlow is currently the AEW TNT Champion. He was part of MJF’s heel group, but he is not a baby face.

Wardlow captured the title by winning it during a Street Fight with Scorpio Sky, at an AEW Dynamite event. He spoke about what Cash said to him before he came out to wrestle, on the Busted Open Radio.

Wardlow Speaks About Advice That Cash Wheeler Gave To Him Before Title Match

I’m normally extremely nervous, on edge and I guess focused, like tunnel vision type focused,” Wardlow said.

“And before the match, I was actually much more calm than usual. I don’t know why. Cash [Wheeler] gave me a pretty nice pep talk right before. So that might’ve helped calm my nerves. Cash and Dax are always helping me out, those guys are phenomenal.

So I think Cash kind of got in my head a little bit, and just reminded me to breathe, have fun and enjoy the moment, and really just absorb it. He was like ‘Tonight could be one of those nights that you want to remember forever.

So make sure you go and absorb it so you can remember it.’ “And I really tried to do that, and I feel like I did do that. And oddly enough, it was the most comfortable I’ve felt in the ring. The only other time I can recall this happening was with CM Punk.

It was kind of the same experience. That match and this match are the only two times that I’ve just looked around the crowd, and really just looked at people and interacted with people and absorbed the moment, and really have fun in the match.

Other than getting kicked directly in the balls, it was a lot of fun”. Wardlow and Cash Wheeler were actually part of the Pinnacle, a group that was led by MJF. Their feud with Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle is still one of the best feuds in the history of AEW.

Cash is part of the group FTR, and FTR is considered the best tag team in the world by many journalists and wrestling experts. FTR are the current ROH Tag Team Champions and are set to defend their titles against The Briscoes at ROH Death Before Dishonor.