*Spoiler* Claudio Castagnoli deservedly won

AEW has steadily built up an incredible roster of wrestling talent

by Simone Brugnoli
*Spoiler* Claudio Castagnoli deservedly won

Welcome back to the second part of the Fyter Fest Week 1 report. After a five-star match, the cameras move backstage: the House of Black had promised to take revenge on Darby Allin and they did, respecting the promise. Luchasaurus and Christian Cage enter the scene, greeted by the whistles of the audience.

The Canadian turns to the Varsity Blonds, but especially to Brian Pillman Jr., son of the late wrestler. Christian insults him by explaining that, in his view, his father was only a midcarder and not a legend. And he would be sorry that his latest contribution to the world of Wrestling was to have brought him into the world.

Luchasaurus vs Griff Garrison. A fairly simple win for Luchasaurus, which causes Pillman Jr.' s tag team partner to surrender with the Tar Pit. At the end of the match, Luchasurus knocks both of them down by throwing them on the timekeeper's table with a chokeslam, all under the amused and satisfied grin of Christian Cage.

Backstage Sylver and Reynolds challenge the House of Black for a match at Rampage. Claudio Castagnoli vs Jake Hager. Also for this match, William Regal is positioned at the comment table. The two were allies and then rivals in WWE together with Zeb Colter in the magical period of "We, the People", so they know each other by heart.

Claudio Castagnoli vs Jake Hager

Claudio Castagnoli wins after a well-established European Uppercut and his licensed Ricola Bomb, a finisher that he used in independents and has now resumed using permanently in AEW. The cameras move backstage where Lexy interviews HOOK, still undefeated in AEW.

He is asked if there will be a title shot in the near future and he just answers with a grin, without saying a word. Also backstage, Thunder Rosa and Toni Storm (Thunderstorm) claim they are ready to challenge anyone within the women's division.

However, they are interrupted by Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter who report that they can cope with a storm. The two are holding a bag full of sand (the pun is understandable only in English, the sandbag is the term used to indicate someone who is difficult to work with and who does not sell moves).

You have accusations that have been repeatedly leveled at the Mexican wrestler in the past. Anna Jay vs Serena Deeb. The match is won by submission by Serena Deeb, who forces poor Anna Jay to give in to Serenity Lock. Serena continues to apply the maneuver but is forced to retire by the intervention of the ROH Women's Champion Mercedes Martinez. The two will compete on July 23 at Death Before Dishonor, the Company's new PPV.

Claudio Castagnoli Aew