Jade Cargill reaches a very important milestone

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Jade Cargill reaches a very important milestone

Jade Cargill, who currently holds the title of TBS Champion, is truly having tremendous success in the world of professional wrestling, not so much for her skills in the ring which are even better, but for her strong personality.

In fact, the wrestler was previously a basketball player, then became a wrestler under the advice of Mark Henry, and currently, she is training with the great Bryan Danielson and she shows, because she has definitely improved.

But beyond this, her personality and her stage presence are certainly her strong point that she always manages to project herself in the spotlight of her even with her Baddies, a group of badass women ready to assert themselves.

Jade Cargill made history

As we all know Jade Cargill made her debut on November 11, 2020, when she interrupted Cody Rhodes by mentioning that she would bring basketball legend, Shaquille O'Neil, to AEW, and then have their tag team match on March 3, 2021, by winning against Cody and Red Velvet.

Since that time Jade Cargill has never known a single defeat on her resume in the company, continuing to win and win against any type of opponent until she went on to take the recently introduced TBS Championship as a secondary title for the women's category.

Well, in addition to having this very important streak, on July 16 Jade Cargill reached 500 days as an undefeated wrestler in All Elite Wrestling, a record that is not at all to be underestimated especially in the context of the women's category.

This number is in addition to previous non-AEW wrestler records; in fact, we are talking about 462 days for Goldberg in WCW and 914 days for another woman in WWE, however, that is Asuka. Who knows how far Jade Cargill will go if she can catch up with her colleague Asuka or even overtake her.

WWE didn't sign AEW star Jade Cargill as the company didn't want to give up "enough control," according to Hall of Famer Mark Henry. "I made that offer to them [WWE] but they didn't want to relinquish enough control. You know, there were financial considerations and all of that stuff that is personal information.

But, I also knew people over there in AEW and I was on 'Team Jade' so I was like, 'Listen, I've got somebody for y'all if y'all want her, this is what's necessary' - and boom, they picked her up," said Henry.