Fuego Del Sol's future is uncertain

AEW has steadily built up an incredible roster of wrestling talent

by Simone Brugnoli
Fuego Del Sol's future is uncertain

An AEW Superstar would be far from renewing with the federation of President Tony Khan. Looking at the official Twitter profile of Fuego Del Sol, there are several speculations that the athlete's no longer on the AAEW roster.

The Superstar changed his Twitter profile picture and background to a completely black photo. He also removed all AEW mentions from his account. Among all these changes, Fuego del Sol also removed all of his Tweets and posted the single sentence: "The change is ready and will come." Newly released wrestlers usually remove any mention of their former federation from their bio but this time it all seems to have come about by chance, for nothing that has happened in the last few hours and for no real reason.

All of this, however, does not come long after Alan Angels revealed that his contract with AEW had expired and that he was not signing a renewal.

Could Fuego Del Sol leave AEW?

Less than a year has passed since the feud that kept Fuego Del Sol busy in AEW, the latter being involved in the struggle to earn the chance of a contract with the company.

This storyline saw him having a match at AEW Rampage against then TNT champion Miro, where if Fuego had won he would have earned both a contract with AEW and the TNT title. Fuego eventually lost the match, but with a sudden twist, he was nevertheless rewarded with a contract in AEW and approval from Tony Khan.

This feud then went on for more than a few weeks. Fuego Del Sol, one of the biggest protagonists of AEW's Dark and Dark: Elevation, also recently participated in last week's episode of Rampage, when together with Bear Country and Leon Ruffin he lost a match against The Acclaimed & The Gunn Club Fuego has not only fought in AEW, he has in fact played several matches in federations such as Warrior Wrestling, CPW and Pale Pro Judges.

Former WWE manager Dutch Mantell recently praised AEW for Fuego Del Sol's booking on the latest episode of Rampage. "Now, at least people know him (Fuego Del Sol) for something. I think this kind of raised him, you know, by getting beaten up (by House of Black).

He's not supposed to win anyway, but he has got guts. People will like that. He's got guts. And he's over with the people because he's a fighter," said Dutch Mantell.