Bryan Danielson gives good news

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Bryan Danielson gives good news

During San Diego Comic-Con, where some AEW wrestlers participated in the "AEW: Heroes & Villains" panel, Bryan Danielson announced that doctors have permitted him to fight again and he will do so in the next episode of AEW Dynamite against Daniel Garcia He promised to break Garcia's head.

If you remember right a month ago the wrestler stepped into the ring to explain to fans that AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door week was a great week to be a wrestling fan. He expected to be a part of both Forbidden Door and Blood & Guts but unfortunately, due to Jericho and Hager, he wasn't allowed to compete on either show because he got injured.

At the PPV combined with New Japan, he would've faced Zack Saber Jr., but he was replaced by the former Cesaro, making his debut in the company.

New details on Bryan Danielson

A while ago, during an appearance on The Rob Brown Show, Wight revealed that he greatly admires Bryan Danielson, despite him attempting to subdue the most physically gifted Superstars in the AEW.

“I challenge anyone to find a better technical wrestler in the ring than Bryan Danielson right now. Despite that, I would never tell him to his face. Daniel Bryan, Bryan Danielson, I keep calling him even by his old name.

Because of him, I have the shortest title reign ever, when I beat Mark Henry. My reign lasted about 10 seconds. So there is still a lot of heat between him and me. I tell the truth. I think Bryan Danielson is a bully. He comes after us all and tries to subdue us.

That's why I'm always very nervous in AEW. That creepy little monster always runs after me and never leaves me alone. It makes my life in AEW hell." WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts recently spoke about the advice he gave to Bryan Danielson.

"So I talked to him, I said, 'Brother, don't worry about it because you got one thing they can't give away, talent.' Just be cool right now, go over and do something else it doesn't matter. Just stay cool.

Your hands have been slapped, that's what's gonna happen. They're gonna get you back, don't worry, you got too much talent to be stopped and boom, a few, I guess six, seven months later, he was back."