Tony Khan reveals whether he wants to work with the new WWE management

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Tony Khan reveals whether he wants to work with the new WWE management

After Vince McMahon left the head role in WWE, much is expected from the new management, and many believe that Tony Khan could now cooperate with WWE. Tony Khan revealed his plans in an interview with the Ten Count Wrestling Podcast” on NBC Sports Boston.

Tony Khan answered the question: Does he think that with this move WWE wants to be more open to other organizations. “I’m not sure if that’s the case, but I would certainly be open to talking to pretty much any wrestling promotion in the world about how to work together if the circumstances are right,” Khan said, as quoted by wrestling.

“We’ve worked with, I would say in terms of securing footage or providing talent, probably with at least a dozen companies around the world, including Ring of Honor before I was the owner of Ring of Honor when they were independently owned by Sinclair."

Tony Khan and ROH

Even before he became the owner of ROH, Tony Khan had good cooperation with this organization. He showed how two different organizations can jointly achieve great goals. Tony Khan has made a big name in the world of wrestling and is a recognizable face on the scene.

We will see if WWE will have any plans with him and if Khan will agree to it.“ I’d like to think that was positively received by them when we did things to help them out when they were in tough times, and I think that goodwill helped us in the sale process, that they knew it was something they put a lot of time, effort and financial backing into was going to have a good home, with somebody who was going to take care of it and love Ring of Honor. I think our track record with AEW showed them that, and now both companies are really strong”.