Joey Janela Speaks About His AEW Run

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Joey Janela Speaks About His AEW Run

Joey Janela is a former AEW wrestler and he spoke about his AEW run with Renee Paquette. Joey stayed with AEW for the past three years. His contract ended in May and he chose not to re-sign with the AEW as he wished to work for other promotions.

Renee asked him whether he had any regrets during his AEW run.

Joey Janela Speaks About His AEW Time in AEW

“I don’t regret anything on my AEW run,” Janela said, at least not when it came to anything inside the ring.

“The things I regret is not getting an action figure, not pushing on [with Sonny Kiss], if we did a little promo package like that every week, or every other week, I am sure our careers would have been a lot different at this point”.

Joey’s partner was Kiss in the AEW. Eventually, he had to split with Kiss on AEW. Joey used his creative side for the breakup. “I would just go to Cody or QT and I’d say, ‘Alright, this is what we’re doing this week, this is what I’m doing this week,’ and they would go, ‘Okay,'” Janela said.

“There was a couple of weeks where they didn’t bring me up to the TV, so it went on way too long … but the payoff was good with me and Sonny, and unfortunately I beat Sonny in that last match because the plans were to bring me and Kayla back to TV”.

Fans enjoyed Joey and Kiss’ run as a tag team. However, the tag team was never really pushed by the AEW. He even worked with Cody Rhodes to prepare vignettes which were rejected by Tony Khan. “Cody out of his pocket paid for these vignettes, it took like seriously like 15 hours to film,” Janela said.

“We watched it and we were like, ‘Wow, this is really good stuff, this is awesome,’ Cody was like, ‘It’s really good,’ They showed it to Tony, Tony f*cking hated it, he hated these promos, he thought they were phony, fake, he hates it, he hates the invisible camera, he hates the cinematic stuff, which they’ve done a lot more, but maybe it’s just because it was me and they knew I was gonna get over this time”.

Joey Janela had to ‘beg’ Tony to let him release edited versions of the vignettes. They became an instant hit on social media. “People were talking about it all over, it was trending on Twitter,” he said.

“Eric Bischoff he watched it, he said, ‘Oh, that was one of the greatest promos I’ve ever seen in my life,’ he said, ‘This was really awesome,’ but that wasn’t the intention that Tony had with us, so he didn’t like the video”.