New AEW belts officialized

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New AEW belts officialized

A new episode of AEW Dynamite was staged on TNS Network this week. The company, through the comment table, made an important announcement for the future. This is the official debut of a new belt or the tag team titles dedicated to the Trios category.

The AEW Trios Tag Team Championships will officially make their debut and will therefore be the total fulfillment of the much-desired requests from the most avid audience of the Jacksonville-based federation. Tony Khan's company will make the belts effective starting with its next PPV, ALL OUT which will be held next September 4th in Chicago, a now very familiar stage for the All Elite branded schemes and paid events.

AEW proposes changes

After three years of life, the couple category and the various stable have seen further additions, therefore useful to make it necessary, or almost, the addition of these belts which, as known, will have the internal competition of the Trios titles branded Ring Of Honor.

Last March Tony Khan announced the purchase of the Baltimore federation after almost twenty years of activity. The group is therefore no longer existing as it once was but lives today thanks to the AEW, which gives the possibility to exhibit a series anyway as seen with Supercard of Honor in April or Death Before Dishonor last weekend.

In the last PPV mentioned, Dalton Castle & The Boys managed to conquer the aforementioned belts and consequently reaffirm their presence through the Ring of Honor brand. It will be interesting to understand the next developments and above all which team will be able to grab these new belts so desired for the first time and which have now become a reality in all respects.

As we reported recently, wrestler Jonathan Gresham asked AEW/ROH to be fired after having some backstage issues, specifically he seems to be having a problem with Tony Khan, feeling disrespected. Not too long after that news, more general information emerged about the poor communication that takes place between the talents of the two companies, managed by Tony Khan both, and the talents.

Fightful reporter Sean Ross Sapp tweeted: “There seems to be a lot of lack of communication between those in the Talent Relations group and the talents we've heard. We've had stories of Gresham, Marko [Stunt], [Brian] Cage, Janela and others who are unable to get answers or feedback."