HOOK shocks everyone and becomes champion

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HOOK shocks everyone and becomes champion

Great title change in last night's episode of AEW Dynamite. After defeating Danahausen and keeping the FTW Championship, Ricky Starks has launched an open challenge to any athlete on the AEW roster. HOOK, undefeated in All Elite for months, took care of his offer.

HOOK quickly closed its dispute with the licensed Redrum, forcing Ricky Starks to surrender and become the new FTW Champion! A historic title change that closes a circle that began in 1998 when his father, Taz, first introduced the belt in ECW.

The family dynasty, therefore, continues also in All Elite Wrestling. Many had criticized Tony Khan for having resurrected the FTW Championship, not considering it a title like the others, but had sent the criticism back to the sender explaining how it was used to elevate the youngest talents: until now the champions have been only Brian Cage and Ricky Starks.

HOOK is the new FTW Champion

Post-match, the two showed signs of mutual respect, being still part of the Tazz team. After the commercial break, however, the unthinkable happened: while Ricky Starks held a real promo from babyface, claiming to have made the bunch in recent years to get to his current position, "Powerhouse" Hobbs attacked him.

behind and then knocked out with a violent spinebuster. A turn heel by Hobbs, therefore, welcomed by the whistles of the public and arrived with great surprise: the two had in fact teamed up a few weeks ago in a spectacular Triple Threat Tag Team Match, then won by Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee, who became the new champions.

of the AEW. Returning to HOOK, however, the young superstar seems to have the support of the insiders: even the Hall of Famer Kurt Angle praised him, declaring that he would be a great superstar and that he already has an excellent connection with the public.

To the compliments was added also Diamond Dallas Page (DDP), who in a past interview had defined HOOK as the "Marlon Brando of Wrestling" because of his look and his attitude. Bully Ray has praised Hook's win over Ricky Starks from this week's episode of Dynamite.

Taking to Twitter, Ray praised how the entire segment played out. He credited AEW for making the angle work and for their "simple" booking. He wrote: "KISS “Keep it simple stupid”. That's what Starks and Hook did … and it worked. That's what Hobbs and Starks did … and it worked."