RUSH wants to be the best

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RUSH wants to be the best

As we all know, during AEW Double Or Nothing 2022, Andrade presented his new business partner: RUSH. The two have known each other for a long time, in fact, they were part of the Los Ingobernables in their journey in the Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) and are also very friends outside professional wrestling, so much so that they often go on vacation together and have been to their marriages, both of which occurred within a few months.

After this unexpected arrival, more or less, RUSH had declared that he is not under contract with All Elite Wrestling, but that he only has an agreement that includes several dates, so several events where he can appear to fight.

In fact, we have often seen him at AEW Dynamite, even this week against Jon Moxley for the interim title, and then he also fought against his brother Dragon Lee at ROH Death Before Dishonor: "It was an honor to fight against my brother," he said.

RUSH at Sports Illustrated interviewed by Justin Barrasso.

RUSH is ready

During the last period of life of the old ROH management, before Tony Khan arrived, RUSH was recovering from a knee injury. Now, he claims to be completely sane and intends to use Ring of Honor and All Elite Wrestling to show off his talent.

“I am completely healthy. I want to fight for AEW and ROH, and I will prove that 'El Toro Blanco' is the best in the world. I wanted that match because it was an opportunity for the two of us to show the world who we are.

People got to see why Dragon Lee is a two-time ROH TV Champion. They got to see why I'm a two-time World Champion. ROH They got to see us at our best. My brother has a great future. He is very talented and very young with an incredible physique and strength, and we both learned from our father.

He taught us to love and respect each other, except when we are in the ring, and he was also very proud of our match." Rush has detailed the backstage environment in AEW. "I felt comfortable around Tony [Khan], I felt comfortable being in the locker room for the short time but I was in the locker room, at the pay-per-view and it felt different.

It didn't feel like WWE, even though I was seeing the same faces and the backstage environment looked the same and you know, I'm still in the stadium, stuff like that."