Dynamite: Ricky Starks got an easy win

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Dynamite: Ricky Starks got an easy win

Welcome to the first part of a special episode of AEW Dynamite, entitled Fight for the Fallen: three titled matches, a promo of Jungle Boy and the long-awaited return of Bryan Danielson to the ring! But let's proceed in order.

AEW Interim World Title Match: Jon Moxley vs Rush The episode opens with an incredible match between a Rush increasingly on the launch pad (fresh from a victory at the ROH PPV) and AEW World Champion Jon Moxley. Not a little painful victory for the reigning champion who plants Rush on the ground with the Death Rider and then subdues him with a bulldog choke.

At the commentary table, William Regal praises the victory of his ally. At the end of the match, Chris Jericho reveals himself together with the members of his stable, congratulating Moxley for the incredible match. However, the Canadian exercises his titled rematch clause, after more than two years, and the two will compete in the special episode Quake by the Lake.

Moxley accepts but invites Jericho to drop his stupid gimmicks and bring on stage "Lionheart", a character that has distinguished him since his debut. At the commentary table, Excalibur announces the introduction of the AEW Trios Championship!

The belts will be awarded in a tournament and the finals will be held on September 4th at All Out. FTW Title Match: Ricky Starks vs Danahausen. Quick and easy victory for Ricky Starks who knocks out the opponent with a spear.

Ricky Starks won

At the end of the match, as he did last week, Starks takes the microphone and launches an open challenge to any member of the AEW roster. Another member of the Taz team thinks about the answer, the undefeated HOOK!

FTW Title Match: Ricky Starks vs HOOK HOOK wins the match by submission with the licensed Redrum and becomes the new FTW Champion! A historic victory if we consider how the belt was introduced by his father in ECW in 1998.

A real closure of the circle. Post-match the two exchange a sign of respect and Ricky Starks takes the microphone making a babyface promo. Surprisingly, however, "Powerhouse Hobbs" attacks him from behind and knocks him out with a spinebuster, definitively marking the end of the partnership between the two.

Taking to Twitter, Ray praised how the entire segment played out. He credited AEW for making the angle work and for their "simple" booking. He wrote: "KISS “Keep it simple stupid”. That's what Starks and Hook did … and it worked. That's what Hobbs and Starks did … and it worked."