Claudio Castagnoli is finally reborn

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Claudio Castagnoli is finally reborn

After years of waiting, finally, Claudio Castagnoli, whom we all know more simply as Cesaro for his years in WWE, managed to win a top belt and did so in Tony Khan's Ring Of Honor. In fact, he managed to defeat Jonathan Gresham during the company's last major pay-per-view event, snatching his ROH World Championship, accompanied on ringside by William Regal.

The latter runs the Blackpool Combat Club in All Elite Wrestling, a stable that Cesaro joined since his debut in the Jacksonville-based company. Fightful tells us about what happened: "The match opened the main card of the PPV ROH Death Before Dishonor.

It was explained that earlier in the day there was a coin toss to determine if the tag titles or the ROH world title would go into the main event. After about 13 minutes of the match, Claudio hit Gresham with numerous elbows to the head and a powerbomb sits down to get the pin.

The confetti rained down as Claudio celebrated his big moment. Claudio made his AEW debut at Forbidden Door as the newest member of the Blackpool Combat Club at the end of June, scoring a victory as Zack Saber Jr.' s mysterious opponent."

Claudio Castagnoli is reborn

Tony Khan himself had said that the wrestler should really have made his debut in this pay-per-view, but that in the end, he arrived at the Forbidden Door because he was needed, something also confirmed by Dave Meltzer.

"At Death Before Dishonor, ROH's new PPV, Claudio Castagnoli and Jonathan Gresham will face each other in a technical dream match with the Company's world title at stake. When Tony signed him, the plan was precisely to have him debut at the PPV.

making him one of the pillars of the new ROH. Bryan's injury changed the cards." Recently-crowned ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli revealed how he saved Tyler Breeze's job with an uppercut. “He was in FCW when I just got there, and I wrestled my first match against him on FCW TV.

It was just a ‘get over’ match as I don’t think they were very high on him then, which I didn’t know. On the uppercut, He just took it like a madman and just went super high in the sky and I took his head off.

But after that match, everybody was like ‘how is he to work with?’ and I was like ‘he’s great.’ They were like ‘he’s really good…’ Then fast-forward three months and he’s FCW Champion or something."