Bryan Danielson comments on the WWE changes

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Bryan Danielson comments on the WWE changes

AEW Superstar Bryan Danielson has spent much of his career with the ring name, Daniel Bryan that he had during his days in the WWE. During his adventure, Bryan Danielson has been very successful because of the way he has always been supported by his fans.

The former WWE was very good at pulling his supporters into whatever he did. Both in case of defeat and in case of victory he was able to receive the appreciation of the public. The challenges against the Authority, Team Hell No along with the Hall of Famer WWE Kane or whatever.

Either way, Daniel Bryan was still extraordinary and cheered.

Bryan Danielson is a former WWE star

Bryan Danielson had even, in previous interviews, explained that he took notes when he received information from Vince McMahon.

As recent reports from the Wall Street Journal continue to contend with Vince's alleged payments to several former colleagues, it remains to wonder how the news affects those who have been as close to him as he is. On the story of Vince and his retirement from WWE at Wrestling Inc with Nick Hausman: "So, the first thing I should say is that I don't want to comment on the whole story.

The second thing is that only Vince I think knows the truth. Only he knows. how things went. If you love someone, if you feel affection for someone, it doesn't matter if that person makes some mistakes, you will continue to love and support them always."

Vince McMahon is being investigated by the WWE Board of Directors and the Security and Exchange Commission for a series of payments made between 2006 and 2022. WWE said it received investigative requests in relation to unrecorded expenses from Vince McMahon during that time.

Unrecorded expenses are said to be close to $14.6 million. These payments should have been paid personally by Vince. The ongoing federal investigation has hastened the former CEO to retire from all WWE corporate and creative duties.

WWE legend Road Dogg (Brian James) wasn't amused by how AEW has been using Bryan Danielson. "You know what they're doing [AEW] is wrong. How come they don't know it? How come they don't know it? And look, I agree with you.

If you're confused about what his character is and who he is, that is the worst place to be because wearing a gray hat there might be those tweeners... DX is a tweener but eventually, you go to one side or the other because that's how I gotta book you against the antagonist or protagonist," Road Dogg said.