Will Ospreay on AEW star: I don't want him here

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Will Ospreay on AEW star: I don't want him here

Will Ospreay is a person who will often say what he thinks, including this time. Ospreay shared his thoughts on Lance Archer returning to NJPW. “Why is Lance still here? He’s too big,” Will Ospreay said as quoted by Wrestling Inc.

“Thank god, Jeff’s going. I don’t feel like I could cope. It should be illegal. It just should be illegal. I don’t want him here. Can we please send him away? Tony, Tony, look just, Mr. Khan, I’m begging you.

Please keep him on AEW, because otherwise he’s gonna kill me. He’s gonna kill him. Jeff [Cobb] please stop him”. Ospreay also touched on the G-1 Climax event and the role he will play. “It’s amazing for me because of my history there, to have that connection between two companies, to be representing AEW and to be the only one this year representing AEW in a G1 Climax,” Archer stated.

“… I’m extremely honored and ready to go there and kick some a–”.

Will Ospreay on WWE wrestlers

Ospreay surprised many a few months ago when he spoke on the WRESTHINGS podcast about WWE wrestlers.

“I’ll be honest and say it right now, I have no aspirations of going to WWE at all and it’s not because of the product or anything along those lines. I mean, I am not a fan of it, I will happily say … I never wanted to be the big style pro wrestler,” he stated.

“Japan allows me to do a tour and then come home and live my family life, if anybody has ever spent more than a couple of days with me, family to me is everything. You guys aren’t wrestlers, you’re actors and you just do wrestling and I don’t think that’s a dig. You guys make way more money than me like, good on you,” Will Ospreay said.