Paige Speaks About Her Wrestling Future and Neck Injury

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Paige Speaks About Her Wrestling Future and Neck Injury

Paige is now known as Saraya, and she recently spoke about her neck injury and wrestling future. Paige was an extremely popular WWE wrestler. She was well-known for becoming the Divas Champion on her WWE debut by beating famous WWE star AJ Lee, who was a dominant champion at that time.

In fact, she ended AJ Lee’s reign, which is one of the longest of all time. Paige has a huge number of fans. She is also a very famous Twitch Streamer and is known for her charisma and extremely unique move-set. She also has extremely good promo skills and was able to easily captivate the crowd.

Paige Speaks About Her Future Plans And Her Neck Injury

She recently was asked to leave the WWE, a company to which she dedicated 10 years of her life. During those 10 years, her bad period began in July 2016. She suffered a bad neck injury that placed her on the shelf.

She made her return in December 2017 and managed to wrestle 7 matches. She was then forced to retire after she suffered the same neck injury again. That being said, we have seen many wrestles with career-ending injuries return to pro wrestling.

This includes Edge and Bryan Danielson. Paige spoke about her injury recently. “My neck is fantastic, I’m having so issues with it, and it’s looking good,” she said during an appearance on “The Bellas Podcast”.

“I still want more time though. I mean, I’ve had nearly five years completely out of the ring, which is, it goes by so quickly. I’m like, ‘How?’ But yeah, I can see myself in the ring one day, but it would have to be something really special and like for like a big moment, even like, for WrestleMania”.

Saraya’s last match took place on the 27th of December, 2017. That match was part of WWE’s Live Holiday Tour. It was Sasha Banks that actually caused the injury by kicking her extremely recklessly on her back which caused her neck to whiplash.

The match had to be ended prematurely due to that injury. Saraya announced on the 27th of 2018 that she will retire from professional wrestling. After she retired she became the General Manager of Smackdown. She was also one of the hosts on WWE Backstage.

During her last role, she managed the Kabuki Warriors. “If I’m being honest, I don’t really want to do too much wrestling stuff out of the gate,” Saraya said. “I kind of just want to start branching out more to like, different opportunities, you know, and I am excited about it.

I am going to be doing some signings, of course, because I’m never going to forget my wrestling fans”. “I do want to take on a whole new world which I didn’t get to opportunity to do in WWE,” Paige continued.

“It’s the only thing that would really frustrate me with them is having all this time off and then being like, ‘Well, can I go do this?’ and then getting a ‘No,’ it’s like, ‘Well, I’m just sitting here, I’d really like to be doing something.' ”