Parker Boudreaux won on his debut


Parker Boudreaux won on his debut

Great expectations had been created around the wrestling career of Parker Boudreaux, who signed a deal with WWE at the age of 22. Whether for his physique or for his look and his attitude, he had been defined by many as "the new Brock Lesnar" and even Paul Heyman had praised him on social media, calling him the "next big thing" (a nickname he gave to Lesnar in 2002).

A comparison which, however, was a tight fit. Parker then debuted at NXT 2.0 with the ring name "Harland", acting as the right hand to Joe Gacy, but without achieving anything concrete. His experience lasted very little and the WWE decided to terminate his contract in April this year, not noticing in him any improvements from the struggling point of view.

Parker didn't give up and went back to training, then signed a contract with AEW.

Parker Boudreaux debuted in AEW

His debut took place last night in the episode of Dark (the recordings were made weeks ago) television show where he tries to make room for young talents on the launch pad.

Parker Boudreaux defeated Serpentico in minutes, teaming up with former 205 Live star Arya Daivari, and independent veteran Slim J. The new stable is called "The Trust Busters" and could have a great future in AEW. Parker limited himself to commenting on the match with the following message on social media: "My official debut in AEW.

I'm here." The young wrestler has received messages of appreciation from fans and insiders, so all that remains is to wait to see him in the future at Dynamite or maybe on the Ring of Honor roster. Tony Khan himself had in fact declared how his goal was to give more space to young people and create a brand apart.

While waiting to learn more about Parker Boudreaux's future, we invite you to follow our Instagram page, as always full of interesting insights into the world of AEW and Wrestling in general. Recently, wrestler Troy "Two Dimes" Donovan, part of Tony D'Angelo's group, was released from WWE because he had failed some drug tests and then the company turned him away and told him to come back once his problems were resolved, while in storyline Tony had thrown him into the water saying that he had "sent him with the fish." The wrestler then took and left, returning to All Elite Wrestling where he hadn't wrestled since October 2021.

In fact, he was seen at the recent tapings of AEW Dark, a show where Superstars often end up in need of a place to fight but I'm a free agent, and he faced and defeated Mike Orlando.

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