Claudio Castagnoli speaks about his future

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Claudio Castagnoli speaks about his future
Claudio Castagnoli speaks about his future (Provided by Wrestling World)

AEW Superstar Claudio Castagnoli spoke about his time in WWE and that he felt very close in several circumstances to winning a prestigious title in his former federation. The 'Swiss Superman' recently clinched the ROH World Championship after defeating Jonathan Gresham at ROH's Death Before Dishonor, thus winning his first career world title in a while.

On the Death Before Dishonor match and Jonathan Gresham's future: “I really liked the match I played against him. I don't know what he intends he has. Whatever else he decides to do, you just have to ask him."

What's next for Claudio Castagnoli?

Nothing has been confirmed regarding Jonathan Gresham's desire to quit the federation, but according to a Fightful Select report it was noted that there are no plans in either ROH or AEW for him.

Gresham reportedly had a heated argument with Tony Khan just hours before his match against Claudio Castagnoli, despite this he acted like a pro in the match that was scheduled. Although Castagnoli may not have another match with Gresham in the future, he was asked by who else in ROH and AEW he would like to defend the belt and so he decided to pick someone: "Yes, I would like to challenge Shayne Taylor.

For me, this title has always been defended by the best athletes from all over the world, so I hope to be able to keep alive this tradition of defending it often." Castagnoli was voted 'Most Underrated Wrestler' by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter for four consecutive years between 2013 and 2016.

But despite his popularity among fans and peers, the former Cesaro has never had a sustained run in the scene. WWE main eventer. During his appearance on Starrcast V, Claudio Castagnoli spoke to Chris Van Vliet about his WWE adventure and also talked about the warm support from fans: “It's about building something.

I feel like I've created this many times with fans thanks to some of my matches and my character." Claudio Castagnoli has now signed with AEW and is ready to defend his ROH world title just won this Saturday against Konosuke Takeshita at the AEW Battle Of The Belts.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, the All Elite star revealed why his time with WWE was a "great uphill battle." “I always feel you have to carry yourself with a certain grace, especially because of what people may expect a professional wrestler to be or to act or to look like...

Even if my WWE career was again, an uphill battle … it was a great uphill battle, because to me, even if I never won or will win that big title… I stay true to myself, and I feel that gives me a bigger bond with the wrestling fans," Castagnoli said.

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