Does AEW need to become more mainstream?

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Does AEW need to become more mainstream?

Speaking at San Diego Comic-Con, via the Absolute Geek Podcast, Britt Baker discussed the possible developments that await All Elite Wrestling (AEW) in the near future. "I think being just a part of everything brand new leads to ups and downs, and it's stressful because you want to be a part of something that is successful, not something that is a failure.

But now that we've gotten over it, it's like a sigh of relief: 'Ok, thank God, we're doing it, it's working.' Now I think the next step for us is, for most people in the world, that WWE is the number one wrestling promotion.

You can stop anyone on the street, they know what WWE is. Not everyone knows what AEW is yet, and I want to get to the point where it's super mainstream and we do more mainstream entertainment and crossovers so they can see one of our stars and say, 'Oh, that person is an AEW wrestler', not only, but also:' Who is that person?' So I think the next step for us is to grow massively because we have a successful show, we have a great show, we have great leadership, we have great fighters, and we have a great product.

Let's get more eyes on it because it's so great and we should have more eyes on it," she said.

AEW wants to improve

Britt Baker is known for being a person who loves to show off, in the positive sense of the matter, and when he names WWE he obviously doesn't do it casually, but because he still recognizes its importance.

Recently, during a chat with Cam Heyward of Not Just Football, DMD talked about her fellow WWE wrestlers and specifically focused on the Four Horsewomen, challenging one: Bayley. The wrestler also replied to her on Twitter by accepting this dentist's dream match.

Former AEW World Champion Chris Jericho recently opened up on his stint on the show called Tanked. In an interview with Loper & Randi, The Wizard recalled the truth about working on the show and called it a "money trap."

"That thing [Tanked] was a money trap. What a scam that show was. It's not on the air anymore and I would say that to their faces. It made for a great family show for an hour, but as soon as it was done and left, it was the biggest nightmare.

They should do another show, Tanked Nightmare. Those guys disappeared and the show is off the air, as it should be. Tanked sucks."