Another serious injury in AEW

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Another serious injury in AEW

The AEW Battle Of The Belts III event aired last night, but the company had already pre-recorded it before AEW Rampage which went live this week. The special episode card also featured a match for the AEW Women’s World Championship between champion Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker's right-hand man, the highly acclaimed Jamie Hayter.

The contest was won by the Mexican who took her belt home once again and secured it well to her life, but unfortunately for poor Hayter, everything went really wrong. In fact, according to what our colleagues from Fightful Select reported, during the tough challenge that the two carried out in the ring, Jamie Hayter would have been injured, more precisely she would have broken her nose.

It has been pointed out that Jamie Hayter has been removed from all appearances she was due to make this weekend at Icons Of Wrestling, precisely because of this injury that she unexpectedly hit her. Jerry Sorrentino communicated everything, saying that the wrestler herself announced the renouncement of these appearances.

In fact, he wrote: "Icons Of Wrestling - Collectorfest Comic Con. I just got a text and a call from Jamie Hayter. She won't be able to do it tomorrow. I'm very sorry as well as Jamie. She really wanted to come and meet everyone.

Refunds will be issued. Jamie will be with us for all other shows scheduled this year."

Many problems in AEW

Obviously now we have to wait to see when Hayter will return to AEW, meanwhile, there are those who are starting to think that a rematch between Rosa and Baker has already been written.

Some time ago the luchadora had also declared: “I took the title from you and therefore it will end here? No. I think it's like The Rock and Stone Cold or Trish and Lita, something like that, I feel like it's never going to end.

But our matches were definitely more physical. We have overcome many limits. I don't think people were used to seeing women do something like that." Recently, WWE legend Mark Henry claimed that AEW TNT Champion Wardlow will be the most "dominant force" in wrestling since Brock Lesnar.

"I think Wardlow is an unbelievable competitor and he's gonna be even better. The Wardlow that we see right now? In a best of three? I think Mark Henry might beat that guy, but in the next two years, Wardlow is gonna be the most dominant force in pro wrestling since Brock Lesnar, since Goldberg, since The Rock, since Steve Austin. And then, that guy is gonna be the best of three will be at 3-0," Henry stated.