Miro feels very frustrated

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Miro feels very frustrated

In recent months Miro has signed a new contract (lasting four years) with All Elite Wrestling, but his current management does not seem to care for him. After winning the TNT Championship, the Bulgarian-born wrestler is now "parked" in a rivalry with the House of Black, but there doesn't seem to be a definite direction for his character.

Known for his social digs, Miro wondered why a guy whose name no one knew was facing the world champion at Rampage. Clear reference to the match between Mance Warner and Jon Moxley. Mance regularly fights in MLW and took part in Ric Flair's Last Match event, but only on Friday did he make his all-time debut at Rampage.

For many it was not a wise decision to immediately give him a match of this caliber to the detriment of other members of the roster. This is the offending tweet: "Who is this guy fighting for the title?"

What's next for Miro?

But that's not all, because Miro also liked a post from a fan that reminded him of how he was treated better in WWE.

A somewhat questionable opinion if we remember the storylines in which he had been forced to take part in recent times, including the one with Lana and Bobby Lashley. In any case, we do not know if these complaints are simply a work to tease the fans or if the former Rusev really has it with Tony Khan.

All this suggests the first hypothesis. Miro recently stated that he preferred AEW due to greater creative freedom, an option that also allowed Bryan Danielson to prefer Tony Khan's Company to WWE. Now that Triple H is in charge (after the forced retirement of Vince McMahon) things have changed and Karrion Kross' recent return to SmackDown really seems to be the prelude to a new era.

And according to some, there are many stars who would try to return to WWE to change their careers. WWE was once the home of both CJ Perry (FKA Lana) and Miro (FKA Rusev), but both stars have since departed from the promotion.

During her recent appearance on Renee Paquette's The Sessions, CJ Perry recalled how Miro wasn't happy when she suggested starting an OnlyFans account. “CJ Perry.com, I mean - I think that kinda gives it all, I think that’s the difference of OnlyFans.

Actually, nudity is not allowed on BrandArmy. So, Miro didn’t really feel comfortable with me doing OnlyFans and Miro’s very traditional, and very like perception person, and I’m the opposite”.