Could Miro return to WWE?

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Could Miro return to WWE?

Recently, we reported that Miro, better known as Rusev in WWE, on Twitter created a bit of a stir with some interactions that went a little to tease the All Elite Wrestling, the company he works for at the moment. In fact, Miro renewed until 2026 with Tony Khan, also complimenting the company last fall: "It is currently the best wrestling company in the world and we prove it day after day.

As for our young talents, they have to take a step forward because there are big names who are also having fantastic matches with great impact but they need to get noticed even more to improve where they need to. There are no leashes here and I'm happy with that.

There is no one to tell you what you can and what you cannot do.

Update on Miro's future

Unfortunately, however, Miro is not the only former WWE who seems unhappy with his booking, in fact also Andrade El Idolo, who recently reunited with his friend RUSH who had a titled opportunity against Moxley despite having arrived very recently, made it clear.

on Twitter that something does not convince him. The luchador in fact liked the tweet of a fan: “@TonyKhan so… you signed @ToBeMiro in @AEW away from the rival company just to have him do what exactly? I never thought I'd say I'd get to the day when I'd say I miss #RusevDay.

It has been used worse on you than it was in WWE. The same thing goes for @AndradeElIdolo." In short, more than Charlotte cha goes to AEW, as someone had speculated last fall due to what had happened in the ring with Becky Lynch, it seems that Andrade will be returning to Triple H's arms in WWE and who knows, maybe even his life with his wife Charlotte Flair will be less complicated again traveling together.

Former WWE manager Dutch Mantell has slammed WWE for its poor booking of Jake Hager vs. Miro back in the day. "That's when we had already moved past Lana and Rusev. I said 'why don't we do that America vs. Russia thing'

And he liked it. He went, 'Russia? US vs. Russia?' I said 'yeah' They still had Rusev going from Russia. I said 'why don't we intercept him one time after he's running everything down and challenge him'

(...) He said 'They loved it. We gonna go with it.' And they went with it. So apparently they went with it just off a mention, and I swear to God they killed it," said Mantell.