Miro denies he wants to return to WWE

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Miro denies he wants to return to WWE
Miro denies he wants to return to WWE

In recent months Miro has signed a new contract (lasting 4 years) with All Elite Wrestling, but his current management does not seem to go to his genius. After winning the TNT Championship, the Bulgarian-born wrestler has now been "parked" in a rivalry with the House of Black, but there doesn't seem to be a definite direction for his character.

Known for his social digs, Miro wondered why a guy whose name no one knew was facing the world champion at Rampage. A clear reference to the match between Mance Warner and Jon Moxley. Mance regularly fights in MLW and took part in Ric Flair's Last Match event, but only on Friday did he make his all-time debut at Rampage.

For many, it was not a wise decision to immediately give him a match of this caliber to the detriment of other members of the roster. This is the offending tweet: "Who is this guy fighting for the title?"

What's next for Miro?

Obviously, immediately after this tweet and these rumors emerged online, Rusev was immediately unleashed, with many insiders and many fans who began to predict how the former McMahon athlete can now return to WWE, given the discontent in AEW.

To chase away all this unfounded news, however, Miro himself thought of it, from the microphones of his latest interview with Renee Paquette, for The Sessions, saying: "It's different, just hearing Sheamus and all the other guys.

I know they are working about four or five days a week on the road, that's too much. I don't want to do all this, especially now, knowing it, eventually, I would like to do something else. I would like to look to the future, doing something else." Apparently, the wrestler, husband of Lana, seems to have gotten tired of being on the road most of the week, with the agenda of the AEW that is decidedly different and less harsh than the WWE one.

to deal with. Former WWE manager Dutch Mantell slammed WWE for its poor booking of Jake Hager vs. Miro back in the day. "That's when we had already moved past Lana and Rusev. I said 'why don't we do that America vs. Russia thing'

And he liked it. He went, 'Russia? US vs. Russia?' I said 'yeah' They still had Rusev going from Russia. I said 'why don't we intercept him one time after he's running everything down and challenge him' (...) He said 'They loved it."


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