Kris Statlander receives a lot of support


Kris Statlander receives a lot of support
Kris Statlander receives a lot of support

Yesterday morning we reported that during the AEW Dynamite Quake By The Lake episode, the Jacksonville company confirmed Kris Statlander's injury, which occurred on the August 5 episode of AEW Dark, when the woman landed badly with the foot after a Big Boot.

Although initially it was thought that the problem was precisely in the foot, with a tweet Statlander confirmed instead that the problem is the knee, part of the body that she knows well because she has already injured herself in the past, although it seems that this time it is the other knee.

The Best Friends member wrote on Twitter: “Well. One knee fixed, one to be fixed. After my first knee injury, I'm back stronger and better than ever so it's all over for all of you when I get back from this. Sorry to let you do it again.

I'll come back bigger, more powerful and more of a woman [more than a woman]."

Kris Statlander has received many messages

After this news, several colleagues, especially those who work in the rival company, WWE, wanted to leave a message of encouragement and affection under the tweet of the wrestler AEW.

One of them was Bayley, who has just returned to WWE after a knee injury: “Damn. I wish you a quick recovery. You are really good." Then Natalya also intervened: “You'll be back soon… better and stronger than ever in no time,” but also Indi Hartwell: “I'm sorry to hear this friendly thing.

You will come back stronger than before." But her colleague in AEW, the current women's champion, Thunder Rosa also wrote to her: "I'm sad you're out, I couldn't wait to finally kick your butt! But you are strong and I will wait for the moment when we are actually in the ring,” with Kris Statlander replying: "Soon." These words from Thunder Rosa are connected to the fact that Statlander had to have a titled chance given her high position in her ranking.

Recently, Kris Statlander was a guest on Catching Up With Alicia Atout to discuss her career and her goals in professional wrestling. "You know, there were a lot of thoughts that were going through my mind because it was like WWE was interested in me, which put a lot of stress on me.

I didn't know what I was going to do. I didn't know what was the right choice. You'd think it's a dream come true for anybody to be offered a contract, but for me, getting signed was never a legit goal of mine in wrestling."

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