AEW has hired a huge superstar

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AEW has hired a huge superstar

In recent months, WWE had gone on to release several NXT talents, with the now-former Chairman Vince McMahon having decided to embark on a completely different journey and job than what Triple H had envisioned for the brand.

Among the many fired, there were also Samoa Joe, Dave Kapoor, Road Dogg and William Regal who were all fired overnight because the then Chairman of the WWE wanted a new spirit, new lifeblood for his color show that's now back under the creative control of HHH.

After McMahon's exit from the company, as seen in recent weeks, HHH has begun to sign several athletes from NXT and the main roster that the former Chairman had torpedoed, except for some athletes who have already signed with the AEW.

In the last few hours, overseas site Fightful has confirmed that athlete Anthony Henry, better known as Asher Hale in the rings of NXT and 205 Live, has signed with the company of the Khans after being released from the WWE.

Asher Hale signs with AEW

In his daily update, Sean Ross Sapp stated: “Fightful confirmed how former Asher Hale, Anthony Henry, has signed a deal with All Elite Wrestling. We can't confirm when the signing took place, or whether the deal is full-time or a short deal.

Typically, the AEW always announces when an athlete is put on a full-time contract with a graphic, although there are of course exceptions. We are also told that the talent used by the ROH acquisition is not currently signed to All Elite Wrestling.

Former Cheeseburger, CB, who has worked on both Ring of Honor dates since Tony Khan bought the company, is still a free agent." Meanwhile, WWE legend Mark Henry claimed that AEW TNT Champion Wardlow will be the most "dominant force" in wrestling since Brock Lesnar.

"I think Wardlow is an unbelievable competitor and he's gonna be even better. The Wardlow that we see right now? In a best of three? I think Mark Henry might beat that guy, but in the next two years, Wardlow is gonna be the most dominant force in pro wrestling since Brock Lesnar, since Goldberg, since The Rock, and since Steve Austin. And then, that guy is gonna be the best of three will be at 3-0," Henry stated.