Did CM Punk want to leave AEW?


Did CM Punk want to leave AEW?

During the latest installment of AEW Dynamite, CM Punk appeared again on television after his injury that kept him away for some time. In the episode, since the show aired, it was reported that CM Punk got out of the script when he called Adam Page for a rematch of their old fight earlier this year, knowing beforehand that the former champion would not accept his challenge.

After defeating Adam Page at Double or Nothing in May, CM Punk was then forced to pit for several months due to a foot injury. Although the feud between him and Page ended that night, the two never saw each other in the eye again.

CM Punk is an AEW star

According to a recent report by Fightful Select, CM Punk met with AEW leaders and declared that after the match he would not lose to Page on pay-per-view. Fightful revealed that Adam Page was in the arena last night but hasn't received any word on how he responded to the promo.

That said, everyone notes that he is not seen as a confrontational person and is highly regarded by everyone. Many backstage believe Punk thought Hangman went into business for himself but this has been reported as a locker room speculation rather than something Punk said.

Although there are several reports that suggest what may have caused Punk's frustrations, it would not seem clear where his problems are coming from. According to insiders, CM Punk verbally expressed his displeasure with him, sometimes so blatantly that some thought he might leave AEW.

Some people close to the former WWE Champion have reported that he almost decided to stay home instead of showing up last night but many don't believe the Best in the World would ever step down. According to a veteran of the company, there were also threats from CM Punk in AEW.

Additionally, CM Punk is now officially ready to unify AEW's top titles during the upcoming Dynamite against interim champion Jon Moxley. CM Punk recently recalled that WWE offered him a deal just before he ended up in AEW.

“I remember one of the first things I ever said to them was, ‘Above all, don’t play games,'” Punk said. “And they played games. Some things never change… When you enter a conversation with people you have a past with and you know who they are, how seriously can you take it? I know exactly who they are and they just continue to prove it. I’m trying to be as diplomatic as I possibly can”. said CM Punk.

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