Former WWE manager on CM Punk's return

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Former WWE manager on CM Punk's return

Celebrity manager Jim Cornette had a nice word to say about CM Punk's return to AEW television and also explained why he thinks another AEW star was trying to screw it up. CM Punk made his return to AEW at Dynamite, following Jon Moxley's titled defence for his interim AEW world title against Chris Jericho.

CM Punk helped Moxley and the Blackpool Combat Club eventually oust the Jericho Appreciation Society.

Jim Cornette reflects on CM Punk

One man who is certainly happy to see CM Punk on AEW television is Jim Cornette. Speaking on his podcast Experience, the longtime manager expressed his thoughts on the return of Best In The World: “It was all great.

Punk arrived and for 45 seconds again we were transported back to a wrestling program because here with CM Punk, the returning champion, the conquering hero, people are starting to get excited. CM Punk dominated the ring and that part was great.

It was done well, it was well structured and it was a great success. He has raised a lot of people after all the sadness and then there is the little matter of the current interim champion sitting in the ring. I just don't understand why Moxley was behind." Jim Cornette explained why he thought Jon Moxley was trying to ruin the segment: "I don't think he liked the idea of ​​being saved by a bigger and more popular star as well as attracting more money.

making fun of what was going on instead of trying to end it. As it was the end of the show, Moxley sneaked away to get drunk and CM Punk got a standing ovation from the crowd that he now has reason to see why he's back on television.

To do what." Former WWE manager Jim Cornette recently criticized how AEW was misusing 21-year veteran Jay Lethal. "I mean they're... they've about dropped this ball completely. They've... they had the opportunity like they've had with so many other guys they brought in that have talent.

Just start using him [Jay Lethal] the right way from the beginning. Don't bring him in, don't bring any of these guys in and beat him three or four times on television and then stick him in an angle. So [Jay] Lethal won the match, of course, they're not that crazy but he came out worse for it because it placed him as a comedy preliminary guy in people's minds."