CM Punk Vs Jon Moxley at All Out Still Part of Plan

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CM Punk Vs Jon Moxley at All Out Still Part of Plan

CM Punk and Jon Moxley are two of the biggest names in All Elite Wrestling, and according to a report, AEW wants them to wrestle at AEW All Out. AEW All Out is one of AEW’s biggest events. CM Punk was at one time the biggest name of the WWE, and he has one of the longest reigns as WWE Champion in history.

Even though the WWE gave him a lot of opportunities, he eventually left the company as he didn’t feel like he was given enough opportunities by the company. Of course, WWE officials and higher-ups believe that CM Punk simply demanded too much from the company.

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Jon Moxley on the other hand was known as Dean Ambrose in the WWE. He was also one of the most well-known wrestlers there and was part of the famous heel faction called The Shield in WWE.

The Shield consisted of Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins. Dean Ambrose did not leave the WWE for the same reasons that Punk did. According to Jon, he simply didn’t like the WWE creative team. He didn’t like the overly scripted promos that the WWE gave to him, and he also wanted to take part in matches that would involve the usage of blood, which the WWE simply did not allow at the time.

Dave Meltzer recently reported on the Wrestling Observer that AEW wants Jon Moxley to fight CM Punk on the 4th of September for the AEW World Championship Unification. This match, however, has not been announced and there are no backup plans according to the report.

Also, Jon vs CM Punk was supposed to take place on an episode of AEW Dynamite, not All Out originally. According to several reports from various outlets, CM Punk’s promo this week on Dynamite wasn’t planned. It was reported that CM Punk simply had a ‘receipt’ to issue to Adam Page.

Adam Page disrespected CM Punk while he was not on the show once before their bout for the AEW World Title several months ago. CM Punk started his promo by challenging Page to a match. Of course, Page did not accept the challenge as it wasn’t planned, even though he was in the building. Some reports also suggested that CM Punk threatened to quit AEW or simply walk out.