WWE Hall of Famer Santana Believes Vince McMahon Still Has Power

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WWE Hall of Famer Santana Believes Vince McMahon Still Has Power

WWE Hall of Famer, Tito Santana, recently revealed that he believes Vince McMahon still has some power over the WWE. Vince McMahon recently resigned and stated on Twitter that he is retiring. He is no longer officially the Head of Creative in the WWE.

This happened after board members launched an investigation into a series of hush money payments. The payments were allegedly made to former female employees to keep them from speaking against him. They apparently wanted to accuse him of harassment, misconduct, and abuse.

He announced his retirement on the 22nd of July. After he retired Stephanie McMahon became the co-CEO alongside Nick Khan. Triple H became the head of creative. In fact, many people believe that under Triple H, the WWE will be a better product.

Santana States that Vince McMahon Might Still be Controlling the WWE

Many people believe that Vince McMahon can never let go of the WWE completely. So according to some veterans, Vince McMahon is still controlling the WWE, behind the scenes.

However, proving that will be extremely difficult. On PWMania.com Tito Santana revealed that he does not believe Vince McMahon has let the WWE go completely. "I just do not believe that he is not involved somehow," Santana said.

Another WWE Hall of Famer, Kurt Angle also believes that Vince McMahon is still controlling the company behind the scenes. Kurt Angle revealed his thoughts on Cafe De Rene. According to him, Vince McMahon simply cannot ever let WWE operate without him.

"I personally don't think he's fully retired. You know Vince, he's gonna be behind-the-scenes [laughs]. Vince is not letting go of that company, he will not let it go until his hands are dead cold and they pry it out of his cold, dead hands.

He's not letting go of that company until he dies. And that's just it." Santana became a pro-wrestler in 1977. He made his official WWE debut in 1979. After being with the company for a year, he left to go to AWA but made his WWE return in 1983.

He spent 10 years of his life in the WWE after that. He managed to win the Intercontinental Title and the WWE Tag Team Titles. His most well-known feud was with Greg “The Hammer” Valentine. Santana also won the 1989 King of the Ring tournament. Since retiring, he has not kept himself very relevant.