Vince Russo takes a shot at Jeff Hardy

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Vince Russo takes a shot at Jeff Hardy

As everyone knows by now, Jeff Hardy was arrested on June 13, 2022 in Florida on several charges, including drunk driving and driving with a suspended/revoked license. According to reports, his BAC was nearly four times the legal limit in the state of Florida.

The 'Charismatic Enigma' was released from jail on bail, but was suspended without pay by the AEW and will not be able to return to the ring until he completes his rehabilitation. Cameron's 44-year-old is undoubtedly one of the most controversial performers of the modern era, as well as one of the most loved.

In addition to being a six-time world champion, Jeff was the ninth wrestler in WWE history to complete the Grand Slam and one of only five to have done so in both formats. In a long conversation on Sportskeeda, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo harshly criticized Hardy for endangering other people's lives.

Vince Russo slams Jeff Hardy

“We all know what Jeff Hardy's problems are, he has been carrying them around for years and years. The thing I just can't accept is that he - despite being drunk - he got behind the wheel of a car.

We are not talking about a simple hangover. By acting in this way, he has endangered the lives of other people” - explained Vince Russo. “When I heard the news, my mind immediately went to Bill DeMott, whose daughter was killed by a drunk driver.

Jeff is struggling with addiction and we hope he gets out of it, but he can't get behind the wheel of a car in those conditions. I'm sorry to say, but Jeff Hardy is dangerous” - he increased the dose. The preliminary hearing on Jeff's case was supposed to be held on August 17 in Volusia County, Florida, but was postponed for 60 days at the request of his lawyers.

If he were found guilty, he would face up to five years in prison. Mark Henry recently shared his thoughts on the fans' reactions to WWE and AEW bringing up Jeff Hardy's addiction issues in their storylines. "The fans, they're gonna do what they want to do, Bully.

This is not WWE, this is not AEW that is making these comments. They both did the same thing. Now, how do fans relate to that is up to the fans. In my opinion, I probably would've spirit away from using it, but Christian, man, him and Sheamus both, I mean for me, I wouldn't have done it," Henry said.