Eddie Kingston Speaks About Hating Matches With AEW Star

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Eddie Kingston Speaks About Hating Matches With AEW Star

Eddie Kingston is a well-known AEW star that has fought some of the best AEW stars during his career, and he spoke about hating his matches with a top AEW Star. Eddie is known for being extremely outspoken and letting his views be known.

He usually cuts extremely intense promos and regularly blasts other wrestlers, such as CM Punk on social media. His promos appear to be extremely real and some people even believe what he says in his promos are not promos. Some people believe that he actually means what he says in his promo, especially when he blasted CM Punk during his various promos.

Eddie has fought Chris Jericho, one of the most popular wrestlers in the world, numerous times over the past few weeks. Eddie didn’t like those matches.

Eddie Kingston Didn't Like His Matches With Chris Jericho

"I hated them all.

I hated every single one of them because I don't like any of my work, and I don't like Chris," he said when he appeared on his Under The Ring podcast. According to him, fighting Jericho was “a headache”.

The feud lasted for several months. Eddie admitted that he learned quite a lot during his fights with Jericho. "I learned what it was to be a snake backstage like Chris. I learned how to avoid people like Chris and his group.

So, I did learn from him, but it was seven months of my life that I can't have back." Kingston and Jericho have fought each other numerous times in 2022. They fought in AEW Revolution for the first time. Kingston actually won that fight, which is one of the biggest wins of his career.

On the 20th of July, Kingston fought Jericho in a Barbed Wire Everywhere match. Jericho broke his nose that night and also managed to win. Even though the feud has basically ended, Eddie stated that their story will most likely not end anytime soon.

At the moment, he is happy to put Jericho behind him so he can focus on other stars and even fight for a title. Eddie believes that he will most likely have to face Jericho again in the future. Eddie Kingston's feud with CM Punk was actually the one that made the most impact. During his promos, he mentioned a few things about CM Punk, which made it look like CM Punk undermined him in the past.