Ruby Soho Speaks About Her Future

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Ruby Soho Speaks About Her Future

Ruby Soho is a former WWE wrestler, and she recently spoke about her future in the ring. Ruby is currently working for AEW. She is one of the company’s top competitors. However, she hasn’t recently been involved in any important AEW storylines.

She was pushed as soon as she made her debut in AEW. Many people even believe that she is overrated. Ruby is a former member of the Riott Squad in WWE. She was actually the leader. Her partner, Sarah Logan, was also a famous WWE star.

Ruby Soho Talks About Her Future in Wrestling

Ruby started her professional wrestling career 12 years ago. Just like many wrestlers, she has taken bumps which have hurt her. She hasn’t so far been injured badly which would keep her out of the ring for a long time.

On the GalaxyCon panel, she stated that she isn’t considering retiring anytime soon. However, the thought did come to her mind several times over the past few years as her injuries are pilling up. "I feel it a lot more, it takes me a lot more to recover from matches than it used to," she said.

"After each one, I am hurting a little bit more, so it's just gotten me to start thinking about life after wrestling, which before I had blinders on, 'this is what I am doing,' I am not necessarily preparing for it, but I also want to know my interests outside of this."

She stated that she won’t be hanging up her boots anytime soon. She will go as long as her body can allow her to continue. Soho hasn’t decided what she will do after she ends her professional wrestling career. She revealed that she has thought about what she will do after she finally hangs up her boots.

"This will still always be the driving force behind everything that I am doing right now, and I love it more than anything," she said. "But, I am held together with toothpicks and bubblegum at this point guys, so I think I've got more years behind me than ahead of me, but I am going to do this for as long as I can."

Ruby Soho was one of the stars AEW picked up after they left the WWE. Many have criticized AEW over it, as she was never considered a top wrestler even in the WWE.