An unfortunate coincidence for CM Punk

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An unfortunate coincidence for CM Punk

It seems that CM Punk and the city of Cleveland do not get along at all. The resounding defeat of the Chicago wrestler, which took place in the episode of Dynamite on Wednesday night, is only the last on the list. And where did the show take place? Precisely in Cleveland.

As a fan pointed out on social media, behind the KO titled there is an incredible coincidence: Punk decided to leave the WWE and give up the world of Wrestling in 2014 in Cleveland, he lost his debut in the UFC in 2016 (being humiliated in just 2 minutes and 14 seconds), again in Cleveland, and now the defeat to Moxley in less than three minutes.

Some would say "long term booking".

The unfortunate relationship between CM Punk and Cleveland

CM Punk seems to have injured his foot again in the opening minutes of the match against Moxley, but in reality it is a work and, for some, the first sign of an incredible turn heel that will see the Chicago wrestler return to the glories of the past.

Although the two clashed at Dynamite, giving fans a PPV match but for free, Aew's plans would still be to have them against each other at All Out, September 4 in Chicago. How it would get to those conditions remains a mystery: but there is still one last installment of Dynamite before the PPV.

In the last few weeks, Punk has been on everyone's lips for his unprofessional behavior: he allegedly went out of script in his promo, wrongfully calling Adam "Hangman" Page into question, causing a backstage rift. Tony Khan also held a meeting with talents before Dynamite, but the moods towards Punk would continue to be very strong.

The Hall of Famer Booker T also wanted to comment on Punk's leading lady attitude, warning AEW: if they don't stop, they risk ending up like WCW. The rumors of a general discontent of CM Punk, however, seem to go strongly in contrast with the social post of the person concerned, who wanted to celebrate exactly one year from his debut in AEW, thanking the fans for the support and declaring himself satisfied with his choice.

Road Dogg (aka Brian James) has highlighted that CM Punk always had a backstage reputation for being difficult to work with in WWE. "Look, I just remember he was kind of difficult to work with. And I didn't know what was going on behind the scenes.

I hadn't been there that long, and I wasn't in the inner circle. If this had happened three years later, I would have probably known a lot more of what was going on behind the scenes. So, I didn't really know what was going on with him, but I know he was hard to deal with."

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