John Morrison on big changes in the wrestling scene

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John Morrison on big changes in the wrestling scene

John Morrison spoke to NBC Sports Boston about his adventure within Aew. He is satisfied with the treatment there and current events. “Oh yeah. It came about, I can’t remember if I text or called Tony (Khan) one night.

Just talked to him briefly, set up a call, talked again. Randomly, a few days before, he asked me if I’d be the Joker in the tournament and wrestle Joe. I said, ‘Yes, Of course.’ I love Samoa Joe. Been a fan of his, watching him before he started.

A fan of his as a person. That’s how that whole thing came about. As far as what’s happening now, I feel AEW has so much happening that it’s tough to introduce a new storyline. Timing is almost everything in this business, and maybe the time at AEW isn’t right now.

It could be, who knows, next week. It could be in six months. What company and what time is so hard to explain to people”. - he said, as quoted by

John Morrison on the Wrestling scene

With the arrival of Triple H, there will be big changes within WWE, but also on the wrestling scene.

John Morrison also spoke about big changes in the world of wrestling: “There is a crazy shift going on right now in the wrestling world. I don’t know exactly what that means for me, but for pro wrestlers like me who are unsigned, it means opportunity.

Where? I don’t know. When? I also don’t know. Sometimes, like with Kross and Dexter Lumis, the time was right and they made the right move and sometimes it’s better to wait, and sometimes it’s better to go to the other place.

It just depends on who you are and what your style is. I’m figuring all that out. I think that’s what most pro wrestlers do, you spend your career trying to figure things out”.

John Morrison