Several AEW superstars are unhappy

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Several AEW superstars are unhappy

The rumors around the AEW continue to be more and more numerous. According to a rumor, in the locker room of Tony Khan's company, there is no good air. Behind the scenes, the situation continues to get worse and some of the biggest names in AEW would be involved in this discontent.

The opening segment of the August 17 episode of AEW Dynamite fueled discussions from around the wrestling world. CM Punk kicked off it all first with a promo aimed at current rival and interim world champion Jon Moxley. While this part of the segment, including the subsequent confrontation with Moxley, was well received by all, it was Punk's initial comments that left fans puzzled.

The AEW world champion began by targeting Adam Page, before challenging him to step into the ring even calling him a coward. It was later reported that his words were completely off script. The mood of Cm Punk would not be the best, the former WWE Superstar would in fact be unhappy with some choices of the AEW.

AEW has several problems

At the Wrestling Observer, acclaimed reporter Dave Meltzer said how the situation with many of AEW's best guys has worsened in recent weeks: “Right now there are a lot of woes behind the scenes involving many of the federation's top athletes.

The situation has worsened a lot in the last few weeks. There's a part of me that just thinks Tony Khan needs to get everyone to sit down and listen to them before it all goes downhill. The thing that started this chaos is that Colt Cabana was no longer brought to television, he was about to be released, but then Tony signed him to ROH.

This was really what made it all happen. Even though people are different and have different stories, including Page and Punk. Even if that didn't happen, all this chaos would probably have happened for something else, given the different personalities involved.

So it would appear that a number of wrestlers are close to breaking up with AEW if things don't work out." Recently, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T said that Karrion Kross could've been a fantastic addition to AEW. "I mean, me personally, I like it, man.

I like it a lot. I wasn't a fan to see Kariron Kross leave WWE because I thought he would be a huge pickup for AEW. I don't know how that did not come to fruition, him actually being a part of that crew over there. But, I tell you what, I'm, I'm liking it [Kross' return]," said Booker T.