What are the plans for Tay Melo?


What are the plans for Tay Melo?

Tay Melo, better known to the public as Tay Conti, has recently updated her private and professional life, when she worked hard to become an AEW champion also challenging Jade Cargill and when she married Sammy Guevara with whom she works in close contact every week.

One of the novelties that surprised everyone was her new ring name, in fact now she is no longer called Tay Conti, but Tay Melo, since "Conti" derives from the name of her ex-husband and Judoka, Jorge Conti, while Melo comes from his family name Melo de Carvalho.

The wrestler, interviewed by journalist Denise Salcedo, explained the process behind the recent changes: “I recently changed my last name, which is like a reboot for me. Everyone knows it was my ex's last name. I got married but never really had a wedding.

I took photos in Brazil because I was modeling. So I took pictures in Brazil with my ex because the model I was supposed to do the photo shoot with got sick. I've never had a wedding before ... I've never changed my name legally, I just put her name on my working name, so I said to myself, 'Well, it doesn't make sense to have his name, I have to change it,' so I put my real surname."

What's next for Tay Melo?

Continuing the speech Tay Melo explained that these changes could lead her to something important in her career, illustrating her primary goal: "My short-term goal right now is to put my new name out there trying to renew myself.

Of course, I want to go back to the title picture, but more than that I want to keep learning and growing. Keep working with people who offer so much. I want to work with Toni Storm, I want to work with Shida again, I want to work with Thunder Rosa, I want to work again with Britt, with Britt I had one of my favorite matches, he brings so much when he's on the microphone.

He's a beast on the microphone. I want to learn, I think he's my main focus all the time. I want to do my best and keep growing." AEW star Tay Melo recently shared some details on whether former TNT Champion Sammy Guevara is still on talking terms with his former fiancee.

"It’s a life together, every time that Sammy [Guevara] talks about her, every time we’ve had a conversation about her or whatever, Sammy always talks about her with a lot of respect and love. They had a life together," Melo said.