FTR on a potential match with The Young Bucks and why it didn't work out

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FTR on a potential match with The Young Bucks and why it didn't work out

Aew stars FTR are increasingly popular on the wrestling scene and their matches always bring excitement. In a conversation with Louis Dangoor of, they talked about a potential match with the Young Bucks at the AEW all out PPV. Cash Wheeler loved it and things turned out differently, but..

“Personally, I’m very happy with the match on Sunday that we’re going to have, but I thought that was the direction to go, us vs. The Young Bucks for all the marbles. The way things lined up, kind of naturally, there was no plan in place.

A lot of things happened that changed the title scene. our babyface turn wasn’t something we thought about or planned that happened. We were riding the wave with it and figuring out as we go. The fact that it was kind of culminating at the same time and leading to what I thought would have been the perfect build to it, all these outsides forces kind of setting it up, I would have loved that and it would have been a huge money match as far as tag team wrestling goes, whatever you consider a money match for tag team wrestling these days.

I understand there are a lot of injuries that happened and a lot of moving parts in the wrestling business. It’s not easy getting everything to go. We weren’t told far out that it wasn’t happening. I wish everything could’ve worked out the way we envisioned, but I’m excited for how Sunday is set up and the potential for what it leads to after with Motor City,” he said, as quoted by

FTR's Dax Harwood's reaction

Harwood is disappointed because he expected it to come to that, but they had to accept it and devote themselves to the challenges.

Dax Harwood: “I think, we expected that, and we as performers, individuals, and a tag team, thought it was the right way to go. I’m saying this without any ego, I think it could have been at least built as the biggest tag team match of all time.

Four world championships on the line, the two best tag teams of a generation going two on two at a big pay-per-view, it could’ve been built as the biggest tag match of all time. I think, our problem was, we just expected that to happen.

We expected, with how hot we’ve gotten and how much heat those guys were getting, they were chanting ‘FTR’ during their promo a few weeks ago, which could have gotten us in a little trouble, who knows. We thought the course could have changed.

For a couple of weeks, we thought, ‘it should be that.’ Then, we both started talking and thinking, and over this last year, we’ve allowed everything just to align itself and the universe or God to put things in place for us and it has and it’s worked out well, let’s just sit back and fall into place.

Even though we didn’t get the tag team match with the Young Bucks, regardless of what we feel about them personally, you always want to work with a team that is talented as them and a team that you know is going to produce in a money match.

Allowing the pieces to fall in place, now on pay-per-view, we get to team with one of our very good friends, Wardlow, and get to work with someone as effortlessly talented as Jay Lethal and, on top of that, we get to work with guys we’ve looked to work with for years in the Motor City Machine Guns.

Even though we didn’t get what we expected or what we thought, it’s a hell of a consolation prize”.

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