Thunder Rosa Reveals How She Told Her Doctor About the Injury


Thunder Rosa Reveals How She Told Her Doctor About the Injury

Thunder Rosa is the current AEW Women’s World Champion, and she recently spoke about how she told her doctor about her injury. Thunder Rosa will need to take time off to heal and she won’t be seen on AEW TV for a while it seems.

In fact, an interim AEW Women’s Champion will be crowned this Sunday at the AEW All Out PPV event. Rosa revealed that she had been performing injured for quite a while. On the Athletic and the Arts podcast, she spoke about how she deals with pressure and the effort that she makes to become great.

Thunder Rosa Revealed That She Was Working While Being Injured

"We don't sleep," Rosa said. "Sometimes I go days with three, four hours of sleep. I own my own promotion outside of AEW, an all-women's promotion, and I was running three shows a month sometimes ...

I was overseeing the women that are wrestlers, and I was training other women too. So it was very grueling, and it was a lot of sacrifice." She explained how she managed to work, even after she definitely had injured herself.

"Before I won my championship, I was hurt for the longest," she said. "One time, even doc was like 'You need to be taped if you're going into the ring.' I couldn't feel my legs when I got out of the ring. But I have to get out there.

I couldn't let people down. So I wrestled with my hips taped for about two months because I was wrestling all the time. So it was like, nonstop because of that drive that we have. I wanted to be the champion. I wanted to be the best.

I wanted people to say that I did it, I wanted to say that I did it for myself." Thunder Rosa is also a former MMA fighter. She trained for MMA and she also had one MMA match during her life. She explained how she managed to balance professional wrestling and MMA.

"I had the chance to become a professional athlete," Thunder Rosa said. "Even when I was younger, that's what I wanted to be. I've done MMA, I've had an MMA match. I jumped in, I trained for six months and I went and did it. Even during the training, I was wrestling and doing MMA at the same time.

And I was battling stuff because of the over-training I was doing, because I had to put money on my table, and I hate to wrestle because it's my job. It was very tough”.

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