Tony Khan Speaks About AEW Locker Room

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Tony Khan Speaks About AEW Locker Room

Tony Khan is the current AEW President, and he spoke about the current tension inside the AEW locker room. The tensions started when AEW World Champion, CM Punk stated a few things that may be considered unprofessional. This happened during the post-match media scrum after CM Punk won his match at AEW All Out.

Punk went off on Colt Cabana, Adam Page and the EVPs of AEW. This actually resulted in Young Bucks confronting CM Punk.

Tony Khan Addresses the Backstage Issues Currently Present in AEW

According to many YouTubers and journalists, CM Punk has spread a lot of negativity in the locker room after what he said in the media scrum.

In fact, it was reported that Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks actually threatened that they would leave the company. Even Malakai Black might have left the company after his match at AEW All Out. Tony Khan admitted on the media scrum that he finds this entire situation extremely challenging.

"That is a dicey situation and it is contentious and frankly challenging, but I have to do what's best for the sake of the company and everybody you're talking about are great professional wrestlers with big reputations and some of them have been around from the beginning and some have been around for about a year now.

The fact is, these are people that drive revenue and they help create jobs for everyone." Tony Khan also revealed that professional wrestlers often do not get along with each other. That has been quite a normal thing in the past.

Even WWE had to deal with this issue as well. According to Tony, backstage tension can be good for the product. However, Tony stated that business comes first and rivalries should not affect the business. If rivalries started affected the company, then it becomes a problem.

Tony Khan has also stated that he does not agree with what people have said about him either. However, he wishes to look past all the negative things people have told him for the company's sake. When people don't get along or don't like each other, I've had people say as much stuff about me over the last few months as anybody and sometimes you have to take it and move on with business and that's part of it."