Booker T On Whether CM Punk Should Be Fired Or Not

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Booker T On Whether CM Punk Should Be Fired Or Not

Booker T is one of WWE’s most popular legends of all time, and he spoke about whether or not CM Punk should be fired or not due to what CM Punk said during the post AEW All Out media scrum. CM According to many people, CM Punk was extremely unprofessional during the media scrum as he openly spoke bad about Adam Page, Colt Cabana and the members of the Elite.

Most of the Elite members are EVPs at AEW, so talking bad about them in front of the media was not taken lightly by them.

Booker T Believes CM Punk Should Not Be Fired

After CM Punk’s comments, The Elite confronted CM Punk inside his locker room and that led to a six minute fight between CM Punk and Ace Steel, and members of the Elite.

According to the latest news, everybody who was involved in the fight have been suspended. However, CM Punk’s status in the company is not yet clear. We are all waiting to hear from AEW about CM Punk’s fate within AEW.

It would be an extremely difficult thing for Tony Khan to fire CM Punk as he is one of the biggest stars in the world right now and is currently the top draw in AEW. Booker T was a very famous WCW wrestler, and back in those days locker room fights were a common thing.

Booker T believes that CM Punk should not be fired. Instead, Tony Khan should simply ask CM Punk to behave in the future and Tony should not lose his top draw right now, especially as AEW is still a very young company. "I don't think you fire him, I think you figure out how to make this thing work," Booker T said.

"We figure out how to get back on track. CM Punk is the quarterback. You normally don't fire the quarterback. You fire the coach before you fire the quarterback ... You figure out how to get everybody on the same page so we can start scoring some touchdowns, man, so we can get to the Super Bowl.

That's what this thing is about." Officially, CM Punk has neither been suspended, nor has he been fired yet. It is unlikely that CM Punk will be fired as he is the top draw, but the rest of the people that were involved in the fight were suspended.