The Elite Reveal Their Version of the Recent Backstage Fight

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The Elite Reveal Their Version of the Recent Backstage Fight

The Elite members recently spoke about their recent backstage fight with CM Punk and Ace Steel inside CM Punk’s locker room. Fightful Select managed to get a few details that may help wrestling fans understand The Elite’s version of the story.

The backstage fight happened after the AEW All Out event that was held last week. CM Punk said a few things during the post All Out media scrum which offended members of The Elite. He also spoke about Colt Cabana and called our Adam Page for being unprofessional.

He stated that the EVPs did not know how to run the company well. Most of the Elite members are EVPs at AEW.

The Elite Stated That CM Punk Started The Fight Backstage

The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega were involved in the fight, that lasted around six minutes.

According to the Elites, the Young Bucks went to meet CM Punk inside his locker room. Contrary to reports, The Young Bucks did not kick the door open. They simply opened the door to converse with Punk. According to the story, CM Punk started hitting Matt Jackson using sucker punches.

Nick Jackson tried to intervene, at which point Ace Steel got himself involved in the fight. Ace allegedly threw a chair at Nick that hit him in the face. According to reports, Nick suffered a black eye as a result of the chair.

Fightful reported that Kenny Omega tried to get CM Punk’s dog out of the locker room as “he was barking and going nuts." Kenny may have handed over the dog to Steel’s wife, after which he joined the fight to try to get Ace off of Nick.

This was apparently when Ace bit Omega and pulled his hair. It was reported that Kenny got bit by CM Punk’s dog. However, that is apparently not the case, as it was Ace Steel that did it. According to the report, both sides were shouting at the other and CM Punk threatened to press legal charges against The members of The Elite.

After the fight, Punk, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Michael Nakazawa and Brandon Cutler have been suspended. CM Punk was the AEW World Champion, and was stripped after this event. The AEW World Title is currently vacant. We do not know how long the suspension will last as AEW has not made an official announcement. Other than that, CM Punk might not be able to wrestle for eight months anyway as he is injured.