CM Punk Reportedly Undergoes Surgery

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CM Punk Reportedly Undergoes Surgery

CM Punk is one of the most popular wrestling stars in the world and he reportedly underwent surgery to repair his torn left triceps. CM Punk recently returned from injury, after he broke his foot, and he was the AEW World Champion.

After AEW All Out, Tony Khan took his title away after he made a few statements that can be considered extremely unprofessional at the AEW All Out Post Media Scrum.

CM Punk Will Most Likely Be Out for 8 months

CM Punk apparently suffered the injury during his match against Jon Moxley.

The match was for the AEW World Title. According to the Wrestling Observer, Punk’s doctor asked Punk to get the surgery performed as soon as possible to prevent atrophy, which could have made recovery even a bigger problem.

Usually, recovery can take up to 8 months, which means that we may not see CM Punk inside the AEW ring for about eight months. Another thing to note is that we may not see CM Punk in AEW at all in the future if he actually gets fired, which might be possible.

This is because reportedly, many wrestlers want CM Punk to be fired as his comments created a lot of negativity backstage. This week on Dynamite, Tony Khan announced that there would be a tournament to crown a new AEW World Champion.

The final will take place on the 21st of September. According to reports, Punk would have to vacate the title anyway, even if he had not been suspended due to his comments due to the injury. On 21st September, Dynamite Grand Slam will take place.

CM Punk’s comments at the AEW All Out Post Media Scrum caused a fight backstage. The members of the Elite were involved in the fight and they have been reportedly suspended due to it. CM Punk actually won his first AEW World Title several months ago, and injured his foot on an episode of Dynamite after he won the title.

At that time, Tony Khan arranged a tournament to crown a new Interim AEW World Champion. Punk lost his AEW World Title to Jon Moxley several weeks ago during a title unification bout, but he managed to capture the Title again at AEW All Out.

This will be the second time CM Punk has to basically end his reign as the champion due to an injury even though he wasn’t stripped of the title in May, he wasn’t able to perform as a defending champion.