Chris Jericho Speaks About Trashing WWE NXT

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Chris Jericho Speaks About Trashing WWE NXT

Chris Jericho is one of AEW’s most well known superstars, and he spoke about Triple H’s recent comment in which he stated that AEW beat NXT. However, Triple H appeared to say it in a condescending way though. He specifically stated that AEW beat “out developmental system”.

This comment made plenty of headlines as it appears that WWE never considered AEW a threat at all.

Chris Jericho States that Triple H Doesn't Like Competition

According to Chris, WWE just changed the narrative. According to many people WWE actually wanted NXT to fight AEW to make things difficult for them, as they were a young company back then.

Chris believes that WWE is just trying to change history. "[It] makes me laugh, because when it started it was not a developmental, it was a third brand," Jericho said. "Of course, we beat the developmental, whatever you want to call it, who gives a s**t? It was such old news.

You know, the show sucks and NXT sucks. It's not a good show and they know it." According to Chris, Triple H made the comments because he despises the WWE. "He's angry that we beat them, and he probably is angry that we exist," he continued.

"But, you know, we don't care about WWE. We care about our show, we care about putting on the best stories we can put on, we care about building our fan base and building our ratings, and we will continue to exist."

Jericho then took a shot at WWE’s finances. He stated that his boss, Tony Khan, has more money than Triple H’s boss. We do not know which boss Chris was referring to as Vince McMahon is no longer in charge of the WWE.

Chris also sated that Triple H actually doesn’t like competition "They had a monopoly for so long," he said. "They don't like the fact that we exist, that's fine. We don't care that they exist.

God bless them. And they're running a show in front of 50,000 people — why would he even care about us? But you know he should, and he does. And that's why he says those things. It's funny because we embarrassed them."

Chris Jericho was the first ever AEW World Champion. He is still a top star in AEW. However, he is not fighting as regularly as he used and has mostly taken the role of a commentator in AEW.