DDP Comments on CM Punk’s Situation

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DDP Comments on CM Punk’s Situation

Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) is known for being one of the only wrestlers in the world that could bring the best out of any wrestler, and he spoke about CM Punk’s situation. A lot of stories have been written about AEW after the AEW All Out post media scrum.

CM Punk said a few things during the AEW All Out post media scrum that caused a fight backstage. Members of The Elite and CM Punk were involved in the fight. They have been suspended along with a few other names that were involved in the backstage fight.

DDP Believes AEW Vetrans Will Help AEW

DDP isn’t an active wrestler anymore, however, he was a very popular start in WCW. He worked in WCW during a time when Hulk Hogan and the NWO were causing a lot of issues backstage.

DDP believes that what happened post AEW All Out is part of the wrestling business. "Politics and egos, and people getting their feelings hurt and guys saying s*** and going into business for themselves. That's part of the business," DDP said on "DDP Snake Pit" on AdFree Shows.

"It happens. You don't see it happen in WWE that often, but we saw it in WCW." DDP noted that the episode was produced before the fallout from CM Punk’s comments. However according to DDP, his segment during the media scrum was very entertaining.

"It was entertaining to watch," DDP continued. "He's a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and says what he feels and that's really worked for him in the past. I don't know how it's going to work for him moving forward."

"I saw when WCW was getting towards the end," Page continued, describing it as "every man for themselves" when promotions start wavering. "Punk's always been that guy who says what he feels," DDP reiterated, "and it's always worked out good for him.

It'll be interesting to see. I wouldn’t want to be Tony Khan in that scenario." According to DDP, AEW has plenty of veterans that might be able to help AEW recover well. "They've got some great guys who can work and talk," DDP said, singing the praises of the locker room.

"Jericho is still at 5-f******-2 years old, 51, whatever he is, he's still top dog that can go talk and has the greatest entrance ever. When you have every single person sing your words ... the music is off and they're still singing louder than when it was playing? You're over in a different level forever.

And then Moxley, Punk, MJF's back. The f****** Bucks, Kenny Omega. I mean they have so much talent there."