John Cena Talks about AEW

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John Cena Talks about AEW

John Cena is still one of the biggest names in the wrestling industry. He has worked for the WWE for over 15 years and has won the WWE title and the World Heavyweight Title numerous times during his run with the company. John Cena did not work with any other promotion ever since his debut and has stayed loyal to the WWE.

John Cena is now also a very famous Hollywood superstar and his busy schedule does not allow him to be a full-time wrestler anymore. We don’t even know what he might do at WrestleMania this year. Entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet caught up with John Cena and asked him about his thoughts on All Elite Wrestling and whether they can rival the WWE or not.

"I think competition is great because it forces you to step up or step aside and I think that is fantastic. We have internal competition of performers trying to be the best in our umbrella and that is wonderful because you sink or swim on your own investment”.

“I think external competition is great because once again that will force us to step up or step aside and you can say what you want about them being competition or not competition, I view any form of digestible entertainment as competition because your eyes can go elsewhere. So that's how I view that”.