Chris Jericho on the beginnings of AEW and his influence


Chris Jericho on the beginnings of AEW and his influence

Chris Jericho has become an important face of AEW and a man who has been there since the beginning. In his "Talk is Jericho" podcast, he talked about AEW's beginnings and the impact he had. “When the idea came for AEW, and you’ve heard it a million times.

‘Oh, there’s a new wrestling company. This guy’s got some money.’ Whatever. Same thing over and over again. It took me a while to really believe what Tony was talking about because what you need to start a company is you need money and a lot of it, which the Khan family has.

You need a great television deal, which we didn’t have at the time, but we finally got it with TNT and TBS. You need a collection of guys who aren’t retreads or haven’t lived up to their full potential, and we had that with The Elite right out of the gate, and then bringing in Moxley right out of the bat for the first show that we had.

That’s a guy who was not even close to living up to his full potential. You can see that now. Moxley now is so much better and bigger than he ever was as Dean Ambrose. So we had all three of those things, and also a passion and a desire, and there was a point to prove”.

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Chris Jericho and AEW

Chris Jericho was one of the biggest names upon his arrival at AEW. It was immediately clear how much his presence and qualities mean. In many ways, he helped AEW become what it is today.

“So when I really started going to AEW, it really ignited my passion and love for wrestling, and more importantly, I said I can really cement my legacy with this because I could stay in WWE and it doesn’t matter.

It’s always going to be good if I’m there. Anything that I do, at the risk of sounding egotistical, anything I do is going to be good, but if I go to AEW and it becomes something, we now have changed the course of wrestling history, and it’s basically on my back.

The first three or four months in AEW was on Chris Jericho’s back completely. So it was, if we can make this work, suddenly there’s a whole different level of legendary status to Chris Jericho”.

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