Paul Wight on the 'key' differences between AEW and WWE

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Paul Wight on the 'key' differences between AEW and WWE

Paul Wight left a big mark on the wrestling scene. He spent a long time in WWE, and last year Wight decided to change things and join AEW. There are many differences between these two companies that currently dominate the scene, but Wight listed some of the main ones; “It’s different in the fact that it’s really wrestling oriented.

I mean you know, both companies say that. But there is a difference in how things are presented. You know, WWE does an amazing job in presenting things — an amazing job of presenting things in this big entertainment spectacle.

It’s this giant production. And AEW gets to the grassroots of, it’s still an incredible production, we have an incredible production team. But it’s not so much backstage drama, backstage vignettes, you know, the fourth wall, so to speak.

Tony Khan doesn’t like that fourth wall. Tony Khan doesn’t like that, ‘Why is there a camera there catching this conversation, and both participants ignore that there is a camera crew there while they are talking top secret information?’ It’s one of those things that throws you off.

This is, you know, if there’s a camera there, it’s set up in a way that makes sense for a camera to be backstage, but it’s more focused on the talent in the ring”. - Wight said for WYNT NewsChannel 13, as quoted by

Paul Wight: Only one guy was allowed to look at the camera

Only one man in WWE had the right to look at the camera.

“It’s funny, because when I was in WWE, we weren’t allowed to look at the camera. God knows, if you looked at the camera — there was one guy I think that was allowed to look at the camera and his name was John Cena.

But you sell as much merch as that guy does, he can look wherever the hell he wants to!”